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Blockchain technical solutions for corporates and startups

We are driver for corporates and startups in developing products by providing them with blockchain product development services. Why us? We stick all the tech puzzles of your blockchain project together in order to accelerate your growth while having access to blockchain tech talent.

Development of distributed systems architecture

Our team develops distributed systems and distributed databases. We work with a wide range of distributed consensus methodologies to deliver full spectrum of modern services to our customers globally


Blockchain Development

Our team has a hands-on experience in using the languages like JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, C, C++, C# to create and maintain a public blockchain. While coding blockchain we keep focus on security, resource management, performance, and deterministic behavior


Smart contracts development for Ethereum platform

To get our smart contracts running on a vast decentralized network, we create smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. We develop smart contracts for you of any level. Our team has a solid expertise in using Solidity, creating, deploying and testing smart contracts. We code it faster than you can imagine


ICO Consulting

We develop ICO from the very beginning “on a turn-key basis” in the shortest terms and with the maximal quality. Whether you are a startup or an established company – we can help you build your ICO from technical, business, marketing and legal perspectives


Security auditing of blockchain-based projects

Security is essential part of your business success. Our team has a deep expertise in security and auditing blockchain-based projects

What we offer


for Ethereum platform


development with a wide range of distributed consensus methodologies


development and deployment


[en]of blockchain-based projectsde proyectos basados en blockchain


for successful ICOs


of blockchain developers and corporate managers

Why Us

  • pool
    We have an access to a pipeline of tech talent of Eastern Europe, we have tech team-in-residence, we prepare middle- and senior level blockchain developers at Blockchain Coding School
  • deliver
    We create blockchain-powered startups and help them grow
  • mix
    We built the community of blockchain enthusiasts, share the recent trends, discuss use cases and build a knowledge database at Blockchain Meetups
  • satellite
    Living everyday in the heart of blockchain technology and innovative solutions development, we do know the most recent blockchain development trends
  • ca
    We apply to a large community of Imaguru Blockchain School Alumnies
  • price
    We stick to the main priorities of every global company: being fast, flexible and responsive
  • tigr
    We work 24/7
  • multilang
    We have the most devoted tech experts with persuasive experience. We value your ideas and want them to be successful

Velcom, Member of Telekom Austria Group

Velcom, Telecom Austria Group arm in Belarus, came to Imaguru, looking for ways to help drive innovation in their business. Imaguru has offered a customized solution by organizing a corporate hackathon and helped drive the culture of intrapreneurship in the company. Imaguru was able to get 50+ Velcome employees involved into the creation of new ideas and to help them behave like real entrepreneurs while working for a large organization. Created during the hackathon solution VTune continued its development within a corporate acceleration program Talent Garden A1 in Vienna.


Daimler Group participated in Blockchain Hackathon in Madrid in April seeking for open source solutions and new innovative ideas from the teams. Worth to mention there were a couple of ideas of a software for self-driving cars pitched at the Blockchainthon. The Blockchanthon teams enjoyed mentorship from Daimler team and valuable feedback. Daimler team participated in judging the Blockchainthon. Inspired by an open-minded community full of new ideas and solutions Daimler considers driving an international wave of blockchain hackathons

Priorbank, Group of Raiffeisen Bank

Priorbank, part of Raiffeisen Bank, aims at taking a leading position in the market by developing and implementing fintech solutions. Imaguru helped PriorBank to immerse into the startup ecosystem by organizing FinTech Hackathons. For Priorbank, which provided data sets to selected startups and engineers, it has become a great tool to meet tech talent and get innovative solutions. This initiative helped Priorbank to get recognition of most innovative fintech bank in the market.

Life, Turkcell Group

Life, Turkcell Group telecom operator, aims at creating a culture that encourages out-of-the box thinking and entrepreneurial mindset. To ensure Life meets its goals, Imaguru designed a very practical and hands-on design thinking program for Life executives and employees. Life employees decided to break free from the comfort of their everyday workplace and immerse themselves in a unique environment that facilitates entrepreneurial thinking, as well as open their eyes to how startups work, at Imaguru Startup Hub. Life executives admired the fact that the company employees walked away with actionable insights, based on design thinking methodology from Stanford


EPAM, a leading provider of software product development services, is among top 25 fastest growing public tech companies globally. The company, is committed to innovation and technological advancement. EPAM’s on-campus presence at Imaguru Startup Hub has created a unique environment for tech leaders to think and work like a startup, while also benefiting from access to emerging technologies being built by new teams born at hackathons. EPAM hackathons at Imaguru help the company expand their portfolio of solutions to be more comprehensive and offer more value and impact to current and new clients. For EPAM Imaguru has become a one-of-its-kind campus and ecosystem that fuels innovation by fostering connections with startups, like-minded innovators and industry thought leaders


Visa, a global leader in transaction processing solutions, wanted to find a better way to engage startups to keep ahead of the innovation curve and find productive ways to work together. Imaguru engineers by using VISA’s open API during Imaguru hackathons, came over with a number of disruptive solutions. Getting so many startup ideas makes VISA plan to organize VISA hackathon specifically for seeking new ideas for the industry and develop a long-term partnership focused on plugging employees into the startup ecosystem. As a disruptive player in payment industry, Visa’s cooperation with Imaguru aims to encourage the smart technology trends in global payments


For Accelerators

We are a team of blockchain tech talents from Eastern Europe, and we are ready to work on short-term assignments with startup accelerators to help startup build products with creative and effective approaches. Our database of engineers includes talents with blockchain tech outsourcing and product development experience. Our management experience includes running multiple programs for startups, including blockchain school and meetups, various competitions, blockchain hackathons and roadshows.


Imaguru runs Blockchain School for developers and managers based on a very unique approach. We are pioneering mix of coding and ideas generation methodology, intensive and interactive formats while preparing blockchain developers. Our courses are practical and based on real life cases from corporations, startups and blockchain builders. Having access to Eastern European advance technology expertise we accelerate blockchain tech ideas and MVPs and include product development methodology into an education process.

Imaguru Blockchain Lab and Hackathons

Imaguru Blockchain Labs creates a community of blockchain enthusiasts, experts, blockchain-powered startups and developers. The tech talent pool comes up with solutions to a real business challenge during blockchainthons we organize all over the world, and acceleration cycle with corporations.Blockchainthon is a platform where diverse professionals developers, designers, business and marketing gurus' gather together and let creative ideas become products leveraging blockchain technologies. Hackathons at Imaguru usually last for 48 hours non-stop. All starts at Friday evening. Imaguru Blockchainthon is all about coding and programming blockchain. We attract experienced developers and coders to the hackathons from a pipeline of Imaguru Blockchain Coding School graduates.

Imaguru Blockchainthons are international and organized in one time in several cities of the world. 

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How we do it



  • Agile Methodology
  • Best Practices and Frameworks
  • Task management & time tracking tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reports


  • Analysis & research
  • User Interface
  • Architecture
  • Adaptive & pixelperfet


  • Cryptography, asymmetric, symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures
  • JavaScript, Java, Scala, Python, C, C++, C#
  • Automation tools
  • Optimization tools
  • Version Control System

We want to help you

Working Process

  1. Kickoff meetingThe first step is to discover more about you, your company's vision, and to build a strong relationship. This is the point when we create your brand, strategy and set project goals
  2. IdeationWe use design thinking methodology that helps to find new solutions through creative approach, teamwork and orientation to the user. This stage leads us to unique design concept for your project
  3. PrototypingAt this stage we create interactive prototype of a product. Prototype helps to understand easier what appears to be a good idea on paper, but in fact it breaks usability. We figure such cases out and offer better solutions
  4. DesignWhen the target audience is identified and the prototype is ready, we start working with the design. What we do is the analysis of your competitors' products and then finding out what users like and what they don’t like in order to use this info to make your product the best on the market
  5. ProgrammingAt this stage product design revives. Our developers use cutting-edge technologies to release high quality and improve your effective product as much as possible
  6. TestingPruebasThis is the right time for reviewing and testing processes. We ensure the quality of your project.
  7. ReleaseWe're always there for you, providing you with promotion and support anytime you might need

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