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We are driver for startup teams who need accelerated technical growth

We help startups to develop their products by providing them with engineering, design and web-development services. Why us? We stick all the tech puzzles of your project together in order to accelerate your startup in a short term. While you're working on real business processes, we provide you with our best technical expertise.


For startup accelerators

We provide with a scope of tech services aimed at accelerating product development and tech growth of a startup within the acceleration period. While Accelerators focus on business development and customers’ acquisition strategies, our team would be in charge of a quick product design and launch. Based on top engineering talent from Eastern Europe, our services will accelerate the growth of startup product and make sure it reaches its MVP stage within acceleration process.


Unique and innovative sites & apps

Our team develops exclusive web-sites and apps. We work with a wide range of technologies to deliver full spectrum of modern services to our customers globally.


Incredibly Creative And Interactive Banners

Since banners are considered to be one of the most useful advertisement tools, we serve you with the best possible options - our team make fully animated and static HTML5 banner ads any format that produce click throughs and conversions. It increases the opportunity to expose your product and brand which will change the way you do business.


Native iOS & Android apps

We develop applications from the very beginning "on a turn-key basis" in the shortest terms and with the maximal quality. Whether you are a startup or an established company - we can help you extend your web or enterprise based applications to a mobile platform.


You Will Be Noticeable

Integrated branding is essential part of your business success. From display ads to corporate identity and cutting-edge responsive websites, our team offers unique creative strategies and memorable graphic designs that bring fresh approach to all your brand marketing ventures.

How we do



  • Agile Methodology
  • Best Practices and Frameworks
  • Task management & time tracking tools
  • Collaboration tools
  • Reports


  • Analysis & research
  • User Interface
  • Web/mobile
  • Adaptive & pixelperfet


  • Valid HTML/CSS
  • Javascript (vanilla or frameworks)
  • Automation tools
  • Optimization tools
  • Version Control System
  • PHP or Node.js on server

We want to help you

Working Process

  1. Kickoff meetingThe first step is to discover more about you, your company's vision, and to build a strong relationship. This is the point when we create your brand, strategy and set project goals.
  2. IdeationWe use design thinking methodology that helps to find new solutions through creative approach, teamwork and orientation to the user. This stage leads us to unique design concept for your project.
  3. PrototypingAt this stage we create interactive prototype of a product. Prototype helps to understand easier what appears to be a good idea on paper, but in fact it breaks usability. We figure such cases out and offer better solutions.
  4. DesignWhen the target audience is identified and the prototype is ready, we start working with the design. What we do is the analysis of your competitors' products and then finding out what users like and what they don’t like in order to use this info to make your product the best on the market.
  5. ProgrammingAt this stage product design revives. Our developers use cutting-edge technologies to release high quality and improve your effective product as much as possible.
  6. TestingThis is the right time for reviewing and testing processes. We ensure the quality of your project.
  7. ReleaseWe're always there for you, providing you with promotion and support anytime you might need


  • pool
    Great pool of engineers, web and mobile developers
  • deliver
    Experience in Delivering Tech Solutions to Startups
  • mix
    Mix of Biz Gurus and Tech Talents
  • satellite
    New Approach: Tech Satellite to Accelerators
  • ca
    Large Community of Imaguru Coding Academy Alumnies
  • price
    Competitive prices
  • tigr
    We work 24/7
  • multilang
    Multilingual Team

  • Team-in-resinence. Living everyday in the heart of startup life, we do know what startups need
  • We stick to the main priorities of every startup: being fast, flexible and responsive
  • Great technical background. We have the most devoted tech experts with persuasive experience
  • Balance of price and quality. We value your ideas and want them to be successful

Startups is not just our work – that’s the way of life!

Guru Team



Bicycle addicted person. Sergey doesn't reinvent the wheel - his work is precise, his code is optimized and clean. Sergey is a happy kind man, who's ready to share the experience


He is aware of all the hottest front-end trends and tools. Mike is always happy to implement them in your project


Not just the team inspiration. Jane is a devoted designer who's got rare feeling of customer's need. She's a pro of visualizing your thoughts in the way you mean them.


We still didn't find where he finds energy 24/7, he never sleeps though. Not joking. Sasha generates ideas days and nights long to make your design comprehensively competitive and simply beautiful


Our Project Manager. He'll make your unique idea perform in the best possible way. Artem researches the market and proposes exclusive solutions. He prefectly organizes the team process to follow your requests


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